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Cool Touch Micro Bowl

Cool Touch Micro Bowl Cool Touch Micro Bowl
Cool Touch Micro Bowl

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  • 3-piece Bowl Set designed to prevent burns
  • Inner bowl heats up, outer stays cool

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The Microwaveable Bowl Set that won’t burn your fingers!

You want the food hot but not the container...because a bowl straight out of the microwave can cause a pretty unpleasant burn! Sometimes the bowl gets hotter than the food! These two "nesting" Cool Touch Bowls solve the problem of bowls from the microwave that get too hot to handle. The outer, microwave-safe, plastic bowl stays cool to the touch while your food heats up quickly and thoroughly (and stays hot) in the inner ceramic bowl.

A unique built-in handle lets you heat and eat in the same bowl. You can enjoy your hot meal directly from the durable ceramic bowl, and your fingers still never need to come in contact with the heat -- and how nice not to have to mess up more dishes. Comes with a sturdy vented lid that prevents splatters and keeps microwave clean -- lid also comes in handy when storing leftovers in the fridge. Bowl is great for stews, soups, leftovers, spaghetti and more. 24-oz. capacity.

Note: The Cool Touch Bowl Set is a helpful product or gift for older adults and the elderly, especially those who live alone. A burn sometimes does not communicate itself as rapidly to aging skin so seniors can be especially susceptible to burns from hot dishes. Also, older persons living alone might appreciate being able to eat directly and safely from the heated bowl and sparing themselves additional dishes to wash.

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