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Citrus Water Infuser

Citrus Water Infuser Citrus Water Infuser
Citrus Water Infuser Citrus Water Infuser

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  • Press fresh citrus directly into your water bottle
  • Gives your drinking water a flavorful zing

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Infuse your water with all-natural and flavorful citrus, fruits and herbs!

Flavored water is gaining in popularity nowadays, sometimes for the health benefits and sometimes because it improves the taste of water, adding a lovely flavor. The Citrus Water Infuser is a unique and reusable, BPA/EA-free, 28-oz. on-the-go water bottle that lets you press the juices of lemons, limes and clementines directly into your water bottle, creating deliciously flavored all-natural drinks without artificial flavors and refined sugars.

The process is easy: Just twist a sliced or halved section of fruit against the citrus press in the bottom of the water bottle, turn the bottle upright, and the nutrients, flavors and aromas are released into the water while pulp and rind are kept at the bottom to steep even more flavor. See how simple? Be as imaginative as you wish, adding not just fruit flavors but hints of vegetables and herbs. Comes with handy ideas for delicious infusing ingredients.

Note: This is a useful product for encouraging the elderly and seniors to drink more water, (healthier, better-tasting water) and intake more nutrients. It’s an easy, do-it-yourself process, too, since the infusion process is quick and simple.

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