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Sweep Easy Vacuum

Sweep Easy Vacuum Sweep Easy Vacuum

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  • Activates automatically when confronted with debris
  • It’s always out, always ready
  • Delivers clean floors, clean air

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Price: $129.95


The no-bending/no lifting/stay-put vacuum that tackles messes and cleans the air

This clever vacuum sits quietly and stylishly in a corner until some sort of debris or mess is swept within its range. Then it automatically goes into action, swooshing up whatever is put before it in a matter of seconds (under seven seconds, actually). It makes fast work of your daily sweeping chores!

Thanks to infrared sensors (motion detection), it’s always ready to go to work for you, quickly suctioning up all kinds of debris such as dust, hair, pet fur, litter, food bits, dander and more. No more lifting and toting or bending down, no bags to buy or filters to change, no emptying bags of dirt. The bag-less canister means quick-and-easy emptying.

It’s eco-friendly, too: Allergy sufferers and pet owners will appreciate the HEPA filters that return clear air to your home—they’re designed to last the life of your unit. One more thing: You’ll find that you clean more often because the Touchless Vacuum is fun to use, easy to use—and it works so well!

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