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Waterproof Mattress Protector

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  • Prevents spills, “accidents” & allergens from reaching your UpBed mattress
  • Goes on like fitted sheet, covering mattress top & all four sides
  • Waterproof, quiet, breathable, comfortable

Price: $59.95


Keep your UpBed fresh with this waterproof mattress protector

Now that you’ve found the bed to meet all your needs, you’ll sleep more peacefully knowing your UpBed mattress is protected from any potential accidents or allergens. This five-sided waterproof mattress protector goes on like a fitted sheet, covering the mattress top and all four sides and fitting easily between your regular sheets and your mattress. (Standard mattress protectors cover only the top of the bed, leaving the sides exposed.) Five-sided mattress coverage will shield and protect every exposed surface of your mattress. All liquids simply wipe off, including bodily fluids such as perspiration and urine.

The mattress protector is designed to prevent damage or stains from accidents and spills, as well as provide protection from allergy-causing dust mites, bacteria or bedbugs. Allergic reactions can be caused by fluids, waste and skin flakes that are shed each night from skin pores and mouth. No longer will those be able to settle into your mattress. The ultra-thin, breathable cover also prevents overheating, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. It’s soft and quiet; it will not affect the way your mattress normally feels. Machine washable and available in two sizes, twin & twinXL.

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