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Serena Pillow Lift

Serena Pillow Lift Serena Pillow Lift

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  • A lift for people who need to be elevated (GERD, etc.)
  • Makes getting out of bed easier
  • Provides better, more restful sleep for those with breathing issues

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Price: $699.00


Sitting up in bed is as easy as pushing a button

Now you can position yourself at any angle, elevate your head and shoulders, sleep better, and get out of bed more easily and more safely, all with the assistive technology of the Serena Pillow Lift.

If you have breathing problems, sleep apnea, cardiac issues, GERD—any of those maladies that keep you awake nights, this pillow lift is the answer. When discomfort occurs, you can elevate yourself quickly and easily, compared to the effort of readjusting a pillow beneath your body or a wedge under your mattress! You can find the perfect angle yourself for watching TV, catching your breath, soothing a cramp, reading a book or inviting sleep.

The lift is superior to a wedge because you can totally control the angle of elevation—and the elevation is on top of the mattress, not underneath a mattress that refuses to bend. It won’t displace your bed partner, either, since all the “lift” will be on your side. This is a great aid to a caregiver in helping someone get out of bed, too, because it moves the user already into a sitting position.

The soft foam mattress is quite comfortable and comes with a waterproof mattress cover. The soft-touch control can be operated effortlessly, even by arthritic hands, and the lift operates quietly for uninterrupted sleep.

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