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Senior Comfort Cover

Senior Comfort Cover Senior Comfort Cover
Senior Comfort Cover

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  • Weighted blanket helps calm & relax, for a better night’s sleep
  • Provides just the right amount of weight for seniors
  • Unique curved neck contour for comfort & safety

Price: $279.00 - $299.00


Comfort Cover: Could a weighted blanket help you sleep?

From the time you were swaddled as a baby to even now, when you pull the covers up to your neck and snuggle down, you’ve been finding comfort and satisfaction in the weight of warm cover on your body. Now, double or triple down on the weight of that cover and you may find the comforting sensation gets even better. Studies have shown that weighted blankets and lap pads help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Anxiety, stressful thoughts and restlessness can make sleep almost impossible. The resulting insomnia can lead to irritability, depression and exhaustion, along with a greater risk of health problems and even falling. Designed by a leading occupational therapist with over 30 years’ experience, the Senior Lite weighted blanket was created to fit and work optimally for the over-60 population, especially to promote a calm, comfortable night’s sleep.

The blanket weight provides deep-pressure touch, a calming sensation for most people that can help with falling asleep and staying asleep. The blanket comes in different weights to optimize the pressure, comfort and ease of use and to allow users to choose the weight that works best for them. Weight preferences and tolerances vary from person to person. Individuals using the blanket should be able to remove the blanket independently.

The blanket features a unique curved neck contour that avoids bunching up, for a luxuriously soft, more comfortable and more effective fit. Quilted squares hold in place the tiny weight-pellets that are equally distributed throughout the blanket. Comes in blue or tan, and in large and x-large sizes. Our sizes are designed to fit the person, not the bed. Do not use weighted covers if you have open wounds or broken bones.

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