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Perfect Incline Sleeper

Perfect Incline Sleeper Perfect Incline Sleeper
Perfect Incline Sleeper

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  • Bed helps with a variety of sleeping and medical problems
  • Can help relieve symptoms of acid reflux, sleep apnea, circulation, etc.
  • Works better than wedges or adjustable beds

Price: $999.00 - $1,599.00


Sleeping problems associated with acid reflux, edema, breathing issues...? Try our Perfect Incline Sleeper!

It’s long been known that elevation can help with a variety of physical problems, but not all modes of elevation are created equal! Perhaps you’ve already tried a huge mound of pillows behind your back or a wedge under your head and shoulders. Maybe you’d tried to sleep sitting up or rented an adjustable bed. Those didn’t work too well, did they? Here’s why our motorized bed will work much better.

It’s a question of incline and angle. Notice that the slope of this bed is a flat plane, a straight line that allows you to stretch out, without bending any part of your torso. With a wedge or an adjustable bed, say, there’s always a juncture at which the wedge meets the bed, or where the adjustable bed folds in. That is the point at which any acid that has already crept up into your esophagus is now trapped up there. The "bend" ensures it.

When you sleep on a flat plane with your upper body properly inclined, not pushed forward but at about an 8" elevation, acid is not trapped; it is always free to flow back...DOWNWARD.

This bed was designed to help with the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and built to rise to that 8" incline, an appropriate elevation of the head and upper body above the stomach to ward off an influx of acid. Yet, the designers quickly realized that by turning the bed in the opposite direction, the acid reflux bed could help others with problems resulting from poor circulation. Now the feet and legs would be elevated, to aid blood flow.

Two serious medical problems, each capable of being influenced favorably by a seemingly simply bed design -- but what looks simple, as you see, is actually unique.

And there’s more:

  • Sleeping in a flat plane makes for a more comfortable sleep. If you want to curl up, that’s fine. Turn on your side or even your stomach. Sleep in any position. But the key is sleeping on a bed that’s flat. It’s so logical when you think about it. Who would choose a sleep surface that’s not flat?
  • Any mattress works with this frame, including your current one. Choose any headboard or footboard, too. Box springs are unnecessary -- but if you want to use yours, that’s fine.
  • Pillows under the head are welcome here -- just don’t prop your body up with them. (Pillows generally don’t work well with wedges -- you tend to end up with your head way too high.)
  • This bed is so easy to use. The head of the bed rises at a touch of the remote. There are only two buttons, UP and DOWN.
  • Though the 8° incline works well to ease acid reflux problems, you can adjust it to your personal comfort level. And when using the bed for circulation problems, elevating the legs six to 12 inches above the heart will help ease swelling and pain -- but again, your comfort level may vary.
  • Getting in and out of bed is easy, too. The frame may be even closer to the floor than your present bed and, since a box spring is optional, not using one would leave the bed nearer to the floor. Note, too, that the bottom of the bed is not raised, only angled.

This bed arrives at your home with white glove delivery and service. Professionals will set it up, make sure it’s working properly and even remove the packaging. 375 lb. weight capacity.

The bed may be especially helpful to Boomers and seniors, since many of the problems it’s design to address, such as acid reflux and sleep apnea, are often more prevalent with age. For instance, some 60% of seniors have some sort of acid reflux experience once a week, and it usually hits at nighttime in bed. Twenty percent of adults suffer from acid reflux once a month, and 63% of those report difficulty sleeping because of it. Available in twin, full, queen and king.

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