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Just My Height Adjustable Bed

Just My Height Adjustable Bed Just My Height Adjustable Bed
Just My Height Adjustable Bed

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  • Makes getting in and out of bed easier and safer
  • Comfortable and attractive
  • Available in four sizes

Price: $4,499.00 - $6,999.00


"Nothing made me fear falling like having to get up and out of bed. Then I discovered the Just My Height™ Adjustable Bed. Now my feet safely touch the floor."

The only bed we’ve found that lowers to 18" from the mattress to the floor, for safe entry and exit

Do you dread getting out of bed for fear of falling because the height of your bed forces you to "slide" out and down in order to get your feet on the floor? Or maybe you simply can’t get out of bed anymore without assistance? (Do you have these fears for a loved one?) Now there’s a bed that helps you get up and down and in and out, morning and night! This height-adjustable bed lowers to a level that makes it easier to glide into bed—even when transferring from a wheelchair, rollator or walker. When you’re ready to get up, you adjust the bed height with the remote control until you can place both feet firmly on the floor. What a great aid to safety and independence!

Reduce your risk

Avoiding falls is of primary importance as we age--and while sliding off the bed was fun as a kid, it becomes dangerous with the years. Safe entry and exit from bed gets even more problematic at night: You may still be half asleep, your balance may be off, your feet achy and your legs unsteady. Your bed may be so high that you have to slide down to get out. And if you have to use a mobility device like a wheelchair or rollator, it may be almost impossible without assistance. This bed has a patented hi-low mechanism that lowers you to exactly the right point for easy exit--and then raises you back to the bed height you choose. And the lighted wireless remote control is easy to see and easy to use in the dark.

This is no hospital bed—no. It looks just like a regular bed in any bedroom. It’s comfortable, too. The mattress is luxurious memory foam and features a natural bamboo quilted cover with anti-bacterial, deodorizing and breathable (cooling) properties. There’s a European-style head tilt that cradles your head for a more comfortable rest.

All electrical components are hidden from sight. Bed is available in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and Dual King*.

When "pillow talk" is important...

One more important benefit: If you’re part of a couple who have shared a bed for many, many years, a hospital bed means the end of an era—two separate beds, possibly in separate rooms. With the Just My Height™ Adjustable Bed, you can continue to sleep next to each other, yet have total control over bed height adjustment as needed.

*A Dual King bed features two "twin" units placed side by side for the ultimate in comfort and sleeping flexibility, while maintaining the sleeping closeness you have always enjoyed.

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