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EZ Care Bedding

EZ Care Bedding EZ Care Bedding
EZ Care Bedding
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  • Fitted sheet with triple layered detachable pads
  • Waterproof, highly absorbent
  • Premium incontinence care for adults

Price: $99.95 - $139.95

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Changing the bed—no longer a chore

This two-part bedding set can ease one of the hardest and less-pleasant aspects of getting older: Having to change a set of sheets, especially in the middle of the night. This set is specially designed for adult incontinence. There’s a fitted bottom sheet with elastic straps to hold top corners firmly in place. On the top side of that sheet are flat to the touch hook-and-loop fasteners that secure a triple layered detachable waterproof pad, perfectly centered, in place.

These non-pooling pads are so efficient there’s no need for nighttime diapers. Pads hold their shape and position, thereby reducing the amount of skin exposed even briefly to urine, however much the sleeper moves about. This positioning reduces bunching and creasing that can cause or aggravate pressure points and create moisture wounds and bedsores.

Pads are good for up to 400 washes. Sets are available in single, double, queen and hospital bed. Each set includes one fitted sheet and two waterproof pads, allowing you to switch pads conveniently as one is being washed—no waiting for the laundry to be done!


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