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  • Go to sleep more quickly & sleep more deeply
  • De-clutter your mind with music & nature sounds
  • You alone can hear the music & sounds

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For a quicker, deeper sleep, rest your mind

What are the thoughts that clutter our minds and keep us awake at night? Did I put the flu shot on my to-do list? Why did Aunt Ruby not come for Thanksgiving? Is that a dog or a coyote?

All too often, when the world around us gets quiet, the thoughts in our mind get noisy. We lie awake, trying to be still so sleep will come, but images and random thoughts keep popping into our heads and driving away sleep. It’s even worse when we’ve slept an hour or two and then wake up to a bathroom trip or a cat on the bed. Whatever awakens us, odds are good we’ll now be up, thinking about various concerns, for most of the night. The question is, how do we turn off a brain?

The answer is Intrasound Technology™, and what it brings exclusively to your pillow—absolutely unheard by anyone else in your bed or your room—is soft, relaxing music, soothing ocean waves and other relaxing sounds of nature. You chose your own sound programming—whatever triggers your relaxation response and helps you on the way to dreamland.

What makes the sound exclusive to you is bone conduction. If you’ve ever had your hearing tested, you will remember that the technician at some point places the amplifier on a bone just behind your ear, and all of a sudden you are hearing the sound not directly through the ear but through that bone. When you rest your head on the DreamPad, you will hear your soft music and your soothing sounds—but no one else will.

The DreamPad comfort level is amazing, too. Pillow is standard size, medium support with hypoallergenic poly-fill and a 100% cotton shell—soft and luxurious beneath your head. MP3 player and charger included. Now sleep.

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