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Cool Sleep Memory Foam Plush Mattress

Cool Sleep Memory Foam Plush Mattress Cool Sleep Memory Foam Plush Mattress
Cool Sleep Memory Foam Plush Mattress

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  • Heavy duty base foam for full body support
  • Gel-infused memory foam for proper body temperature regulation
  • The convenience and value of at-home shopping and delivery

Price: $499.00 - $899.00


This mattress is the perfect combination of heavy duty base foam for full body support . . . and gel infused memory foam for temperature regulation and comfort

It’s a dream come true: a thick, luxurious mattress with guaranteed comfort that’s good for many, many years! Start with six inches of heavy duty base foam, topped with two inches of gel infused memory foam. The multi-foam layers produce an eight-inch-thick perfect balance of sink-in luxury and pressure-point firmness. Firmness where you need it, plushness where you don’t.

Your good night’s sleep gets even better with the soothing gel layer that helps you sleep cool and comfortably. (Speaking of comfort, did we mention the double jacquard fabric on the outside, with aloe vera?)

What more could you want in a mattress?

How about the most convenient shipping and delivery ever? This incredibly comfortable mattress comes shipped to you in a modest-sized box. You simply lay the box atop your existing box spring, cut the plastic wrapping, and the mattress unfolds itself, ready to sleep on.

You have none of the hassle of toting a bulky mattress up the stairs or through the house, dealing with sharp corners and awkward spaces. None of the often-unpleasant experience of shopping in a mattress store! No price negotiating, no confusion, no hassle—just the convenience of at-home shopping for an incredible mattress at an incredible value!

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