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CPAP Pillow

CPAP Pillow

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  • Finally! Comfortable sleep for CPAP users
  • Large dual-sided pillow accommodates unwieldy masks & tubing
  • Each corner has a different cut-out & slope style to relieve pressure

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The ultimate and universal CPAP pillow

How much time do sleep apnea sufferers spend each night trying to find a comfortable position on their pillow, with a CPAP mask cutting into a cheek when they sleep on their side and tubing stretching across their stomach if they’re on their back? Now, finally, there’s comfortable sleep for CPAP users!

Here’s a CPAP pillow that makes getting to sleep (and staying asleep) a lot easier because, whatever sleep position you prefer, this pillow has a recessed area in each corner, exactly the right size, shape and location to (1) provide a pressure-free mask zone and (2) contain and stabilize CPAP tubing. Subtle sloping within the pillow further absorbs the pressures of all types of mask shapes and sizes. The result: The weight, instabilities and pressures of mask and tubing are assumed by the pillow, not by your face and body.

The pillow is made of high quality memory foam, with two levels of neck support so both large and small users can be comfortable. There’s less pressure on your face (fewer morning indentations) and fewer air leaks from your mask. There’s spine and airway support for side and back sleeping, too. Pillow is dust mite and allergen resistant. Most of all, it really is comfortable! Comes with its own specialized pillowcase, too.

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