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Hands-Free Toilet Seat

Hands Free Toilet Seat

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  • Toilet seat raises and lowers automatically
  • Saves contamination (and marriages!)

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Price: $199.95

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Up or down? No more arguments over the toilet seat! (And fewer germs, too!)

The hands-free feature of this automatic Toilet Seat helps to take the hassle and the germs out of bathroom visits. Just step in front of the sensor zone and the seat lid rises automatically for female or sit-down use.

For gentlemen who would like the seat itself to be raised, there’s no longer a need to reach down and touch the seat. Just hold your hand in midair above the sensor zone, and the seat will rise for male use. Best of all, husbands everywhere need never be guilty of leaving the seat up again...because 30 seconds after you step away, seat and lid automatically return to the down position for a quiet close.

The open-close mechanism is controlled by infrared and motion sensors. This technology can put an end to the great seat-up/seat-down controversy between husbands and wives -- and it’s actually fun and easy to operate. The occupancy sensor range is easily adjusted, allowing the unit to be installed in a wide variety of bathroom shapes and sizes. Fits all standard round and elongated-shape toilets and slides off for easy cleaning.

The Hands-Free Toilet Seat is coated with anti-bacterial Silver Technology for added protection against germs. It is a helpful product for the elderly because it eliminates much of the bending and reaching associated with toilet seat usage. Installs in minutes with no special tools. Lithium-ion battery and AC power adapter/charger included. 250-lb. capacity. Specify round or elongated seat.

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