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Grip Alert Tub Bar

Grip Alert Tub Bar

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Suction Grab Bar with a one-touch Alert Signal!

It’s the most dangerous room in your home! Now you can get the extra support and aid you need in the bathroom with our Suction Grab Bar that comes with a one-touch Alert System.

The Grab Bar steadies you as you enter, leave, or move around in the tub or shower; PLUS the one-touch alert summons help when you need it from others in the house. Simply touch the red alert button to activate the alarm, and the audible signal is loud enough for your family or a caregiver to hear it outside of the bathroom. The alert is waterproof, removable from the base, and portable, so you can take it along as you move around the bathroom - set it on the sink or back of the commode, or hang it around your neck with the 17" lanyard that’s included and use it around the house.

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