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Bathing Cushion

Bathing Cushion Bathing Cushion
Bathing Cushion

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  • Inflates to cover the entire length of the tub
  • Stretch out and enjoy your bath
  • Lighter, easier way to use a bath lift

Price: $799.00


Enjoy your entire bathtub

This comfortable inflatable Bathing Cushion not only helps you get into and out of the tub with ease, but it also lets you stretch out and enjoy the whole length and width of your tub. When you’re settled in and ready, you can deflate the cushion all the way to the bottom of the tub, to take full advantage of extending your legs and sitting deep in the bathwater, leaning against the back of the tub and bathing the way you always used to.

Another advantage is wider seating space, allowing you to slide more easily, and with greater stability, into and out of the tub. Four large suction pads on the bottom hold the lift securely in place. With a handle to lift it right from the tub, it’s quick and simple to remove should you wish to free up the tub for others. The lift is lightweight, less unwieldy and more manageable than traditional bath lifts.

Made of strong polyurethane-coated nylon, the lift offers air-tight construction. There’s an air-pressure relief valve so you can’t overinflate. There’s battery-operated inflation, so there’s no electrical around the tub. It will not lower you into the tub if it doesn’t have sufficient power to lift you back up. It can lift up to 336 lbs.

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