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Water Alert

Water Alert

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  • Inexpensive, reusable water leak detection
  • Small size - fits where needed
  • Good for 3 years

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Detect a water leak before it turns into a flood!

Prevent a water-damage horror story before it happens. Just place a Water Alert under the sink, beneath the water heater, behind the fridge (if you have an automatic ice-maker), in a corner of the bathroom, near the washer, in the basement near the sump pump—at any potential flood spot where there’s a danger that flooding might go undetected.

This is inexpensive, patented water leak detection that really works. It’s reusable and good for three years. Comes in a three pack so you can cover multiple locations. No batteries to insert, no buttons to push. Just place it and forget it.

A staff member recently told us this sad story, making the perfect case for the Water Alert, our inexpensive water leak detector. “Years ago when Hurricane Isabel came through, my husband heard on the TV that he should fill up the bathtub with water in case power went out, so he turned on the tub...and then fell asleep. When he woke hours later, $13,000 worth of damage had been done to our home!”

What a great insurance policy the Water Alert is! Once it detects even a small leak, it sounds a buzzing alarm to alert you before a water leak turns into a flood.

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