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Senior Cushion Edge Guard

Senior Cushion Edge Guard Senior Cushion Edge Guard

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  • High-density tape-on cushioning for hard, sharp corners
  • Protect yourself from bruises and swelling
  • Includes 15 ft. of edge cushion, 8 corner cushions, 45 ft. of double-sided tape
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A quick-and-easy way to protect yourself from hard corners and dangerous edges throughout your home (especially in the most dangerous room: the bathroom)

Seniors are often prone to bang elbows or knees, run into a sharp table corner that leaves a purple bruise, or make contact with a footboard in exchange for a big knot on the leg. Sharp or blunt hazards are everywhere in the home, but you can protect yourself from many of them with our impact-absorbing Senior Cushion Edge Guard.

This thick, high-density, soft cushioning fits on dinner and coffee table edges, bathroom vanities and tubs, kitchen counters, chests, TV stand—almost anything you’re likely to run into or bump up against.

Package includes 15-ft of edge cushions, 8 corner cushions and 45 feet of double-sided tape.

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