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Neptune Toilet Lift

Elevated Toilet Seat Riser Toilet Lift Seat
Elevated Toilet Seat Riser Toilet Lift Seat
Neptune Toilet Lift

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Keep your dignity and your balance
with the Neptune Toilet Lift

  • Solves one of the biggest threats to independent living
  • Lowers and raises you with natural sitting-down and getting-up motions
  • Fits over your existing toilet

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It’s impossible to live independently if you can’t manage yourself in the bathroom. Our Toilet Lift can help!

All of us want to continue to live independently for as long we can, and the Neptune Toilet Lift solves one of the biggest problems that arise in the bathroom: getting up and down from the commode without help. For many, our lift is all the help that’s needed.

It’s brilliantly designed to mimic the natural sitting-down and getting-up motions your body has always used at such times. It fits securely over the commode and gently, gradually, lowers you to a normal seated position, with reassuring support all the way. Then, when you’re ready, you’re gently, slowly and gracefully raised with the touch of a button. The lift transports you in a familiar, very natural arc that mimics normal body motions...and you choose the point to stop -- the point where you feel safe and secure in stepping away.

The lift is well-built, sturdy, and comfortable, with an easy one-button operation powered by a high-output battery. Unlike raised toilets and other seat adaptations, the user can sit down fully on the seat with feet firmly on the floor. It’s far superior to handrails, too, because you don’t need upper body or arm strength to benefit -- the lift does the work for you.

The lift is a wish come true for those with hip or knee problems, those returning home from the hospital or rehab, or those who simply want to remain independent and in their home as long as possible.

And let’s say it: If there’s ever a place to wish for a little independence, it’s the bathroom. What a wonderful thing now to regain your bathroom privacy! The Neptune Toilet Lift minimizes the necessity for manual handling from caregivers, giving you back privacy and dignity. It’s a blessing both to those who need help in the bathroom AND to those who have been providing that help.

Caregivers will tell you that one of their most difficult responsibilities is helping a loved one or patient in the bathroom, and that is also a time of physical risk for both parties. The lift reduces or eliminates that risk.

The Neptune Toilet Lift is designed to blend easily into bathroom décor and, when the seat is left in the "down" position, others in the family can sit with no problem. It comes with two rechargeable batteries, so one can charge as the other does the work. When ordering, you can choose to have the operator controls placed on the left or right lift arm, for your convenience. Max user weight is 350 lbs. Isn’t this the best way ever to ensure your balance, your independence and your dignity in the bathroom?

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