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Large View Peephole Viewer

Large View Peephole Viewer

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  • Now there’s a peephole viewer that lets you easily tell friend from foe
  • You can magnify the image to see it better
  • Easy installation—just pop it into existing peephole

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The peephole viewer designed for senior eyes!

Magnify the image in the viewer to see your visitor better

Be safe! See clearly who’s at the door before you open it. The traditional peephole viewer is tiny, and the image can be distorted and hard to make out—a fisheye view. And if you already have even a slight vision problem, an ordinary peephole can be practically useless.

But our Large View Peephole produces a clearer, bigger image, and you can magnify the image in the viewer to see your visitor better. You’ll be amazed at the improvement. Now you can get a really good look at who’s out there. The Large View easily installs into your existing peephole--just pop it in: no tools required.

There’s more: Like built-in compensation for low-light conditions. You can even adjust between two display modes, regular and zoom. Because it’s anti-reverse, you won’t be putting your eye up to it and darkening the peephole, inadvertently letting a visitor know you’re home.

This is a one-button operation, very easy and very handy. The viewing is easier for all--children, adults, the elderly. Requires two "AA" batteries (included).

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