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Garage Parking Alert Sensor

Garage Parking Alert Sensor Garage Parking Alert Sensor

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  • Takes the guesswork out of parking in your home garage
  • Three-light warning system ensures contact-free parking
  • Ultrasonic sensor determines distance to car bumper

Price: $59.95


Having trouble judging distances as you age? Worry about navigating tight spaces in your garage? Now you can pull in and park worry-free, with a Parking Sensor to judge the distance for you.

How far is your bumper from the garage wall? Should you stop now, or do you have another foot or so to pull up? Aging eyes can rob you of your independence and confidence when driving or parking, but the Parking Alert Sensor guides you in and lets you know exactly where to stop. Just mount the two-piece unit on a wall, workbench or shelf in your garage, and the ultrasonic sensor will automatically determine the distance between your bumper and the wall or an obstacle.

Red, yellow and green traffic light-style signals direct you in. The green lets you know you’re okay but within range of the sensor. The yellow lets you know you’re getting closer to the sensor, and the red light warns you to stop.

This unit is especially helpful for seniors who often have trouble judging distances. Beyond that, statistics show that even at the age of 55, it can take you longer to regain normal vision after exposure to bright light. So driving into a darkened garage directly from sunlight AND trying to judge the distance can be a real problem. Let the Sensor take the guesswork out of parking in your own garage!

Unit requires a 9-volt battery (not included) or operates with the included AC adapter.

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