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Armored Credit Card Sleeves

Armored Credit Card Sleeves
Armored Credit Card Sleeves

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  • Protect your credit cards from thieves with radio frequency scanners
  • Avoid identity and personal information theft
  • Ensleeved cards still fit in wallet slot

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Due to popularity, the Fine Art, the Leather Look and the Paisley Armored Credit Card Sleeves are no longer available.
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Protect your credit cards and ID from techno-crooks!

It’s one more thing we’ve all had to worry about lately! You’ve probably heard by now that a thief with a radio frequency ID scanner can walk near us and capture our credit card number right off the card while it’s still in our wallet or purse. It’s true and it’s scary!

Using a variety of "armoring" technologies, this four-pack of card sleeves protects your card number and other vulnerable personal information. The sleeves are tough and tear resistant but so thin that a covered card still fits into your wallet slot -- and then your cards are protected! Specify fine art, leather look, paisley, or safari.

This is a helpful item for anyone who carries ID, personal info or credit or debit cards in a wallet -- and may be especially helpful in bringing peace of mind to Mom and Dad and other older adults as they experience travel and leisure (and perhaps the increased vulnerability) of the retirement years.

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