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Perfect Choice HD Ultra Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP)

The invention of the year is great news for your ears!

Perfect Choice HD Ultra Perfect Choice HD Ultra
Perfect Choice HD Ultra Perfect Choice HD Ultra
Perfect Choice HD Ultra Perfect Choice HD Ultra

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It’s the personal sound amplifier that’s simple to use,
hard to see and easy to afford!
  • Amplifies sounds in the range of human speech
  • Adjustable for noisy or quiet settings
  • Easily adjust volume with button
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NEW Personal Sound Amplification Product is an affordable way to "turn up the volume!"

Even the best inventions can get better. Cordless phones have gotten smaller and feature better sound...televisions have gotten sharper and more affordable. Now, the Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) that has enabled countless people to "turn up the volume" is better than ever.

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is NOT a hearing aid. Quality hearing aids are typically only sold by an audiologist or a licensed hearing instrument specialist after hearing tests and fitting appointments. Once they have you tested and fitted, you could pay as much as $5000 for a pair.

While some people need hearing aids, many just need the extra boost in volume and clarity that a PSAP can affordably provide. Now, thanks to the decades of learning and the best listening device partners in the world, there is Perfect Choice HD Ultra. It’s a PSAP designed to accurately amplify sounds and deliver them to your ear. Because we’ve developed an efficient production process, we can make a great product at an affordable price.

The unit has been designed to maximize the user experience and benefit. and it is small and lightweight enough to hide behind your ear...only you’ll know you have it on. It’s comfortable and won’t make you feel like you have something stuck in your ear. It provides high quality crystal clear audio so sounds and conversations will be easier to hear and understand at restaurants, dinner parties, lectures, sermons, and more.

Do you believe you need a Perfect Choice HD Ultra for each ear? There are many reasons to purchase two vs. one. The brain processes hearing signals from both ears for improved clarity and a more balanced sound. You will be able to hear much better with two hearing aids; your satisfaction with the devices will be much higher. If you use only one hearing aid but have hearing difficulty in both ears, the brain has to process two different sound and clarity levels, which makes it more difficult to obtain a clear understanding of the sound signal. Although it’s not required, customers with hearing loss in both ears often get much better results by purchasing a Perfect Choice HD Ultra for each ear.

Hearing is believing! Why spend another day struggling to understand what your friends, children, grandchildren -- even your favorite TV characters -- are saying.

Get a FREE starter set including 4 batteries, extra ear tips, a cleaning tool and a travel storage case.

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Note: Perfect Choice HD Ultra™ is a personal sound amplification product, not a hearing aid. If you believe you need a hearing aid, please consult a physician, audiologist or other properly licensed professional for a thorough hearing examination.

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