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Mini Hearing Assistant

Mini Hearing Assistant

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  • Easy to wear, easy to use
  • Amplifies to 116dB
  • Bluetooth connection to cellphone

Price: $99.95


The simplest way to get back into the conversation

As we grow older, all of us have some level of hearing loss, but many wait for years to seek help. Help can come in many shapes and sizes—one of the most discreet and convenient being this high-performance mini amplifier. It’s small, inconspicuous, easy to wear, and it amplifies the calls and conversations you may have been missing.

It fits in your pocket until needed; then just clip it onto your shirt front for directional amplification. The built-in microphone focuses on the voice directly opposite, providing up to 116dB amplification, with a high-frequency emphasis. (The loss of high frequency sounds is one of the most common and earliest symptoms of hearing loss associated with aging.)

There’s also a Bluetooth connection to your cellphone, to amplify those incoming calls that are often so difficult to hear. Includes extra-loud binaural earbuds, 3.5mm jack and lanyard with quick release safety mechanism. Rechargeable battery with up to seven hours of talk time.

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