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Two-Power Reading Glasses

Two Power Reading Glasses Two Power Reading Glasses
Two Power Reading Glasses

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  • Corrects both close-up (8" - 12") and intermediate vision (14" - 30")
  • Prescription-quality bifocals

Price: $39.95

Due to popularity, ONLY the Tortoise Shell with diopter of 2.0 and 2.5 are available.

Diopter :

Switch easily between close-range and intermediate vision with these innovative Readers!

If you wear readers, you know how impossible it’s been to find a pair that lets you switch from close-range work to intermediate viewing. Now with our Two-Power Reading Glasses, you can go back and forth quite easily because the bottom part of the lens, like most bifocals, is corrected for reading or close vision (8" - 12") -- but the top of our lens is now half the strength of the bottom -- or corrected for intermediate vision (14" - 30").

That means you can work your crossword and glance up at other intermediate range objects -- then back to the crossword and see both quite well. Or you can go back and forth between the computer screen and reading a document atop the computer desk. Both are close tasks, but one is just a bit beyond your bifocal range. Wear the Two-Power Reading Glasses as you would any regular eyeglasses and the problem is solved.

These optical-quality bifocals also help to prevent eye fatigue and reduce redness. An anti-glare coating filters out glare and minimizes the effects of artificial lighting. Readers come with protective case.

NOTE: Not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional.

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