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Audible Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant Reading Assistant

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  • Easily converts text to speech in seconds
  • Reads up to a full page
  • Saves materials for later reference

Price: $2,495.00


"I can no longer see to read essential materials like medical directions, bank statements, bills, insurance forms, even my mail, but this audible reader does all that for me. And more."

Independence is a wonderful thing, but macular degeneration and other progressive vision problems can rob you of an independent life. When you have low vision or no vision, what can you do? You can rent audio books, you can ask a friend to read you the mail when they have time, and you can trust your bank and tax preparer not to make mistakes. Or, you can allow yourself the pleasure of owning this amazing Reading Assistant.

Within a few seconds, it scans any magazine or newspaper article, and most other printed materials that you put beneath it, then reads them to you in a clear, pleasing male or female voice. (You also have a choice of 30 languages!)

The unit scans and reads up to a full page at a time. You have the option of saving the materials you scanned and reviewing them later as needed. You can scan your church bulletin, a newspaper story, a magazine article, pages from the Bible, your condo newsletter -- all the materials and documents you’re unable to read for yourself now -- and read them at your leisure.

The Reading Assistant is designed for simple operation. Tactile sensors tell you exactly where to place your document for scanning. The buttons have distinctive shapes and are easy to identify and use. Simply flip up the camera arm, push a button and an audio signal will tell you when your materials have been photographed and the reader is set to speak. Plugs in and uses rechargeable batteries. The unit is portable, with a convenient foldable carrying handle -- use it anywhere in your home.

The Reading Assistant is one among a number of firstSTREET products designed to be helpful in enabling older adults to remain in their homes for additional months and years as they age. When the highest levels of magnification are no longer enough, this product can bring back the joy of reading anytime and anywhere, with virtually effortless ease.

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