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Hi-Powered Adjustable Readers

Hi Powered Adjustable Readers Hi Powered Adjustable Readers

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  • Readers that instantly adjust in strength
  • Range from +0.5 to +4.5 diopters
  • Each lens adjusts separately

Price: $49.95


If you don’t know the size readers you need, no worry. These adjust. If you need something stronger than drugstore readers, no worry. These go up to +4.5! If one eye requires a different strength from the other, no worry. Each lens adjusts separately.

These glasses instantly adjust for any reading need or environment, with a range from +0.5 all the way up to +4.5 diopters! There’s a little wheel hidden away at the temples to adjust the power, and each lens (left and right) can be adjusted separately to the desired strength for that eye.

The wearer gains more precise vision than with common single-focus glasses, as well as flexible sight for any situation. They work beautifully in low light, for instance, or when you’re shifting from books to computer. One size fits all.

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