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  • One pair of glasses for reading AND close-up work
  • Full-lens viewing
  • Adjustable lens strength

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Adjustable glasses, now and always

A single pair of these adjustable-focus reading glasses can replace all those multi-strength pairs you have all over the house. You know, the pair you use for reading, the one for hobbies, and the one with super strength for threading needles or tying fishing flies.

Forget about those limiting bifocals: Now you can get the exact focus you need and see through the entire frame. Just turn the little dials (hidden away inside where the arms join the eyepiece) and you can choose a lens power from +0.50 diopter up to 4.00 diopters—a range all the way from reading to intense close work.

These are quality glasses, well made of stainless steel and featuring a system to prevent clouding and foreign matter within the lens. They’ll last a long time—and will be there for you as your magnification needs change with time or age—no need to buy new glasses. Available in tortoise, grey tortoise and gun metal.

Disclaimer: Not for driving or distance.

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