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Why Orthotic Walkers? Because when your feet hurt, your whole life suffers!

Feet were designed to easily traverse soft, natural surfaces like soil, sand, and grass, yet these days we spend most of our time standing and walking on hard man-made surfaces. These "unnatural" surfaces force our feet to turn over (pronate) to gain ground contact, flattening arches and often disrupting normal knee function and hip alignment, and increasing pressure on the lower back. This orthotic footwear is proven orthotic support, podiatrist designed to help you reclaim your natural "footprint" by restoring the foot’s natural alignment and enabling feet, ankles, and legs to function as efficiently and dynamically as intended.

The built-in motion-controlling footbed features a contoured arch support and a deep heel cup that realigns your stride, and there’s a firm, thermoplastic heel counter for increased stability and support. The durable rubber outsole provides improved traction, and the foam base reduces friction against your skin. The Orthotic Walkers feature special angles and contours to realign your foot, replicating the average human footprint on natural ground. There’s more: the removable orthotic features an anti-bacterial top cloth to control foot odor.

These Orthotic Walkers address a number of foot problems typically associated with aging and loss of active lifestyle: fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs - and certainly excess pronation. Seniors are, in fact, among those most likely to suffer pronation-related conditions. As we age, foot muscles and ligaments become weaker, as do foot bones, due to calcium reduction; and the fatty padding beneath the foot thins out, meaning less protection and cushioning for bones, particularly the heel bone. This footwear is designed to compensate for these losses and keep you moving with maximum comfort and support. This shoe fits medium to wide widths; we recommend ordering a ½ size down from your typical shoe size.

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