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  • Super-stretch laces lock in place
  • Elastic-fit adds to safety & comfort
  • Ideal for seniors

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Save those stiff fingers! Turn any lace-up shoes into slip-ons with super-stretch, no-tie shoelaces

If you have limited or diminishing dexterity in your fingers, these elastic lace-and-lock shoelaces are the answer. Thread them just once through the eyelets of any lace-up shoe, snip off the excess length, and they’re locked in place for good.

You never need to tie, loosen, tighten or re-lace them again! You get the same great comfort-fit each time you slip on your shoes. (And you’ll never have to resort to unattractive shoes with hoop-and-loop fasteners again!) These laces provide locked-in safety—and they’re water-resistant for long life.

Ideal for seniors or others with reduced hand and finger mobility. One size fits all.

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