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GPS Tracking Shoes

GPS Tracking Shoes

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  • Shoes that track early-stage dementia patients
  • Email and text notifications

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One of the best inventions of all time: An easy way to keep track of a wandering loved one!

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If you have someone in your home or family who suffers from early-stage dementia, you well know that they often have a tendency to wander away or to simply go for a walk and get lost. These marvelous Tracking Shoes allow a caregiver or loved one to have some peace of mind and keep a step ahead of that wandering tendency: The shoes send a GPS signal every 30 minutes to a central monitoring station with an alert as to the patient’s location.

You can actually set up a "geo-fence" which, when broken, prompts an email or text message to you or other designated loved ones. (Notifications can be sent to an unlimited number of caregivers.) It’s easy to set up and use the geo fence, and you’ll always know when and if your wanderer is within its bounds or has wandered beyond it. If you simply want to monitor exactly where they are at any time without using the geo fence boundary, just go to the website and monitor their location.

The Tracking Shoe is an excellent format for these purposes since Alzheimer’s and other dementia sufferers generally do not respond well to changes or something new, so unlike an armband or necklace that might inspire in the patient a strong effort at removal, shoes are familiar and ordinary. There’s nothing about them that will feel or look different to a wearer.

The GPS battery is housed in a small unnoticeable protrusion on the back of the left heel, completely unobstructive, and recharges overnight (in less than two hours actually) with a battery life of 48 hours. These are nice comfy shoes. One pair of shoes comes with everything you need, including the AC wall charger and a user manual with instructions for setup. Specify size, white or black and laces or Velcro.

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