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The Hug Back Support

The Hug Back Support

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Support your back without torturing your abdomen!

Though millions of people suffer from back pain, back support design has not changed significantly over the last 200 years. The Hug is a revolutionary break-through concept in lower back support because it helps relieve back pain while offering complete freedom of movement. Unlike waistband-type supports which put pressure on the abdomen - sometimes making it difficult even to breathe - this half-belt design doesn’t bind or constrict your abdomen. It adapts to your size and your lifestyle, and allows you to sit, eat, breathe, and move comfortably. The Hug, designed by an orthopedic surgeon, is the only dynamic back support that we’ve found that does not press on the abdomen.

Not only does The Hug help alleviate back pain and help you stay active, it also provides a comfortable amount of pressure - gentle pressure - on the lower spine to remind you, encourage you, and assist you in maintaining good posture. Good posture involves training your body to stand, walk and sit with evenly distributed pressure on the spinal discs and the least amount of strain on muscles and ligaments. The Hug encourages the user to actively tone and strengthen the core muscles that support the natural curvature of the spine.

Wear it beneath or outside clothes as you bike, run, dance, drive, exercise, twist, sit - anywhere, anytime you need support. The Hug is fully adjustable to comfortably fit waist sizes from 28" to 52". One size fits all. Anchoring cushions above the pelvic bones, plus a broad padded area at the small of the back, ensure a comfortable yet effective amount of pressure on the lumbar spine. Simply put it on, adjust to fit, and go! Relief from back pain has never felt so good.

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