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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer
Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer

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  • Activated Oxygen System™ generates ozone to kill 99% of bacteria
  • Sterilizes everything placed in the sanitizing bag—mask, tubing, water chamber
  • Easy 3-step sanitizing process

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Price: $249.00


The complete CPAP Sanitizer with one-button operation

Goodbye germs, hello peace of mind with Sleep8

NOTE: In comparing CPAP sanitizers, this one can’t be beat for convenience, portability and ease of operation. It’s small and lightweight, uses no chemicals or messy water, accommodates all machines and accessories, and gets the job done without hassle.

The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer provides a simple and safe sterilization of all CPAP components—mask, tubing and water chamber—with one-button simplicity. It employs a waterless activated oxygen system that generates ozone to kill more than 99% of the bacteria on any CPAP accessory placed in the uniquely designed sanitizing filter bag—which includes the bacteria that may lead to mold, sinus issues and sickness.

No wonder this little unit is the leader in market technology! The sanitizing process is so easy we can explain it all in three sentences right here. (1) Unplug the hose from your CPAP machine and plug it into the universal port inside the roomy sanitizing bag. (2) Close and seal the bag with mask, hose and dry water chamber inside. (3) Plug the Sleep8 unit into the outside port on the bag and press the button. That’s it. The device will quietly sanitize for one hour and then turn itself off. We recommend that you don’t open the bag for another hour after cleaning is done and that you replace the bag every three months with daily use.

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