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Rinse-Free Pet Shampoo (16 oz)

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  • Quickest, easiest way to wash your pet
  • No water, no rinse, no chemicals, no mess
  • Contains natural flea & tick repellent

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Super convenient Dog Wash (No water!)

Now you can more easily and conveniently groom your dog, turning even a little mudball into a clean, sweet-smelling munchkin in no time flat—and totally without water. That means you can clean him up at the dog park and welcome him back in your car, greet him at the backdoor and repair the roll-in-the-flowerbed damage, or just take the easy way to washing a frisky mutt any day of the week. It’s ideal for both touch-up jobs or complete full-body baths.

Just apply and massage until fur is wet and soapy; then towel him off. There’s no dirty tub to clean, no water-shake, no mess, no stress and no sticky residue. Dirt and odors are removed by thorough soaping and towel drying. (Includes a natural flea and tick repellent, too.)

Shampoo is all natural, chemical free, and super kind to skin. It’s a careful blend of essential oils that leave your pup with soft, clean, good-smelling fur (a subtle tea tree and peppermint fragrance), and it contains a natural flea and tick repellent, too. Great for pets who fear or hate water, safe for cats and horses, too, and perfect for spot cleaning.

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