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Rinse Free Body Wash (16oz)

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  • Keep your body clean—no water needed
  • Ready to use: Daily care with dignity
  • Non-irritating to the skin

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Bathe without water

Get yourself sparkling clean quickly and easily the waterless way. Generously massage this specially formulated foaming body wash onto your skin (and, in turn, the Rinse-Free Shampoo into your hair).

Then massage gently and towel off the skin-cleansing foam. Dirt, grease, oils and odors are all lifted into the lather and removed with the towel. Wash time can be cut in half, and no sticky residue is left behind. There are no additives or dyes—foam is mild and non-irritating to the skin.

Perfect for a quick freshening up … in low-water situations … when time is of the essence … for the bedbound or those who find it difficult to navigate shower or tub. Especially helpful for the elderly or infirm, including nursing home residents—it reduces manual handling risks and provides daily care with dignity.

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