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Perfect Flos Kit

Perfect Flos Kit Perfect Flos Kit

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  • Clean between your teeth more easily & more comfortably
  • Innovative handle makes brush easier to hold & use
  • Exchangeable brush heads in 3 sizes

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A clean-between dental brush with an easy-hold handle and a reach you’ve never had before

It’s an interdental brush with a small bristled head designed to clean between teeth. It comes in different widths to suit the size of the spaces between. Makes cleaning between your teeth easier and more comfortable, thanks to an innovative handle and the feeler that easily accesses your interdental spaces. Just place the feeler at the space and press. The brush gently slides out to remove food bits and plaque.

It massages and strengthens the gums, too, and easily cleans hard-to-reach molars. Brush won’t bend out of shape like regular interdentals—and won’t break off between your teeth either! It’s extremely durable and effective and, unlike other devices and floss, it can be used multiple times.

Suitable for crowns, bridges, implants, braces and retainers—and for all size dental spaces. Starter kit comes with the interdental brush and three replaceable brushes (x-small, small and medium/large) plus three refill kits of each size. Each refill kit includes 8 brushes.

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