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Pain Relief Pad

Pain Relief Pad

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  • Red & infrared light reach deep tissues, to help with pain relief
  • Targets specific areas of body that often cause pain and stiffness
  • Safe, effective & easy to use

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60 red and infrared LEDs target the most painful areas on your body, helping pain relief and healing

This easy-to-use dpl Flex Pad assists in day-to-day pain relief. The powerful infrared light energy technology was developed to soothe sore and achy muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation. The Flex Pad allows you to target the specific areas where the pain exists: the back, neck, shoulders, knees, elbows, legs and more.

Deep Penetration Light (dpl) technology combines powerful infrared and red light therapy to reach deep into soft tissue to bring warm and soothing relief. The therapy is all natural, drug free, non-invasive and without side effects. The lightweight pad is designed to cover a large treatment area safely, effectively and comfortably. Hook-and-loop adjustable straps insure a good fit and a secure targeting of pain areas.

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