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  • Hardshell case with 7 pouches for a week’s medications
  • Elastic-bands to secure small medical supplies
  • All your meds in one protective place, labeled & ready to go

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Price: $39.95


A Medicine Organizer that’s compact and easy to use? Unheard of!

This one really gets your medicine under control, and using it doesn’t require a Ph.D., however many pills you take. That’s because it’s compact and user friendly—you label your daily pill allotment yourself! The two-ring hardshell case holds seven ziptop, removable pouches that neatly and discreetly organize medications, vitamins and such. Use any dry-erase marker to label the pouch with the contents, dosage and times to medicate.

The sleeve pouches are easy to pack, access and seal. The zip-lock slider secures the contents at all times, but the easy-open loop is designed for those with dexterity issues. No more meds scattered all over, no more crushed or soggy pills. Best of all, no more confusion!

Note the stretchy bands inside the case for securing small medical supplies like an inhaler, epinephrine injector, glucose monitor and insulin. (There’s even room for a small icepack for meds that need to be kept cold.) There’s also a fabric pocket on the back! Zip up the case and you have all your meds in a protective, durable shell, labeled and ready to go for another week. Great for travel, too.

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