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Joint Massager

Joint Massager Joint Massager

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  • Four-therapy approach to relieving joint and muscle pain
  • Utilizes infrared heat, light waves, vibration massage & magnetic therapy
  • Helps relieve swelling, pain, stiffness

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Super-conducting pressure massage therapy for knees, elbows and shoulders

For many of us as we age, the knees are first to give us trouble. This massager integrates several well-founded therapy methods into one, to better reduce pain and swelling in the knees and other joints, as well as ease muscle tension.

A unique infrared heat therapy provides warmth to help improve muscle tissue stiffness. Thermostat-regulated infrared heat penetrates deep into joints, shoulder, elbow or muscles, radiating soothing heat therapy.

That’s not all: Vibration massage helps reduce ongoing pain. While studies have not determined what role static magnetic fields might play, the massager also incorporates magnetic therapy among its functions.

As for the heat functions, you set the temperature at the most comfortable level for you, from 113°F to 149°F. A temperature memory function will recall your last setting when you next return for more therapy. There’s also a big LED screen control panel.

The Joint Massager is ergonomically designed for easy fit on knees, shoulders and elbows. It comes with comfortable elastic straps for knee and shoulder, and a padded cover for added comfort.

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