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Heated Shaving System

Heated Shaving System

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  • Provides a smooth, comfortable shave
  • Variable temperature control
  • Ready indicator light

Price: $29.95


Experience a soothing hot "barber shave" at home. Now say, "ooooh."

Doesn’t a hot gel or hot lather shave feel positively wonderful? That heat is the extra touch that gives you not only the closest and smoothest of shaves, but also the most comfortable shave ever.

It’s so easy to use -- no muss, no fuss. With this Heating System, you just pop in your existing can of gel or lather and when the light indicates it’s ready, just push the button. There’s little wait involved because it heats instantly.

A variable temperature control keeps the temperature of gel or lather just right. There’s even a special nozzle for gel. That warm gel/lather means less tugging and pulling, fewer nicks and a more enjoyable shave all around.

This is a helpful and welcomed gift for Dad or Granddad -- they’ll love it. For older male adults, a smooth, safe shave is not so easily acquired since there is a greater chance for shaky hands, impaired vision or thin skin -- not to mention blood thinners that might be a concern. The Gel and Lather Heating System can be an important aid for daily living to males everywhere -- and perhaps especially to elderly men.

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