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Heated Leg and Foot Massager

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  • Relief for tired, aching tense lower legs and feet
  • Massage can help circulation
  • Stimulating kneading action for muscles, tendons & joints

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Here’s the best remedy we’ve found for tired, painful feet, ankles and calves!

Yes, this wonderfully warm Leg and Foot Massager kneads, caresses and rejuvenates your entire lower legs and feet -- soles, arches, ankles, calves, all at the same time. There are very few things in life that feel this good!

Just slip those world-weary dogs into the soft, comfortable footrests and let your calves settle back -- aaahhh! A comforting heat warms up the muscles, soothing and relaxing your tired, sore or tense lower legs and feet. Strong rollers target the soles and balls of your feet, soothing heels and arches with a pleasant vibrating and kneading action. Calves are gently caressed and kneaded as well. The stimulating kneading action from four massaging discs begins to penetrate deeply into the muscles and tendons and joints, easing away tension, reducing stress and aiding your circulation.

Aging is often accompanied by poor circulation and often by cold feet. Since the ancient Greeks, many have believed that the pressure of a good massage will get the blood flowing better again. Massage is frequently seen as a natural aid to circulation.

This unit includes three massage programs and three vibration modes, in addition to heat. Mix and match according to your personal preferences. There are carry handles for easy maneuverability, and an auto shut-off after each 15-minute massage session. Standard AC adapter.

Be advised -- there is one prominent after-effect of these sessions: Total bliss!

* Children and elderly use with supervision.

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