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Easy Pill Minder

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  • Pill reminder built inside standard pill bottle cap
  • Loud beeps & flashing red light to remind you
  • Timer preset at factory for your convenience

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A simple solution to complex medicine regimens!

When do I take my pill? Did I already take it? What time do I take the next one?

Here’s a simple approach to keeping your pill regimen straight -- a standard pill bottle with a timer in the cap. Each cap comes with a dosage interval built in: there’s a bottle for once-a-day pills, twice-a-day pills, and three- or four-times-a-day pills -- the timer having been preset at the factory for 24-, 12-, 8- or 6-hour intervals. A persistent beep and flashing light will alert you each time medication is due, and the reminder resets itself when the cap is reclosed, to count down to the next pill.

The alert is hard to ignore: a flashing red light and a loud beep that repeats eight times within 90 minutes if the pill bottle is not opened. The reminder chip is built in to the cap, and you can simply transfer your pills into the appropriate bottles included in this set, or transfer the cap onto your own pill bottle if you wish. The caps are compatible with most manufacturers’ pill vials.

This automatic reminder is effective and reliable, and it can be more helpful to seniors and the elderly than some of the more complicated reminder systems on the market. There are no confusing timers to set and reset here, no clocks to set up or maintain. Remember, medicine mix-ups are prevalent and can be serious: More than 125,000 Americans die each year due to prescription medication noncompliance.

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