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Easy Grip Slant Tip Tweezers

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Price: $19.95
Mix or Match -- only $16.95 for 2 or more! (This includes mixing and matching with the Easy Grip Toenail Clipper and the Easy Grip Nail Clipper.)


Even the most basic products can be improved, and here you have a dramatic "category" improvement. We all know how difficult it is to keep tweezer tips aligned. Well, these stay in position even if dropped. The new design has raised, soft grips to increase control and comfort while minimizing slipping. They grasp short or fine hair securely. The rounded back provides a third point of contact and minimizes hand discomfort.

Everybody needs and uses tweezers - clearly a unisex product - but women seem especially appreciative of the new features incorporated into these Easy Grip Slant Tip Tweezers. Whether for eyebrow grooming or dealing with that wild chin hair, gripping a splinter or plucking a grey hair, these tweezers are built to take care of the problem. They have perfect alignment and are ideal for general tweezing. Thanks to the built-in feature that keeps the slant tips aligned, there’s a precise and constant grip, and the thin, textured, hand-filed tips prevent slipping or cutting of the skin.

Another thing: for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other limited-grip capability, the prolonged squeezing motion required to tweeze can become quite painful; but these tweezers are ergonomically excellent. The raised, cushioned finger/thumb rests provide a non-slip comfortable grip. They require less pressure to close, and they have a large handle that makes them easier to hold. The rounded back rests easily in the palm, to provide a third point of contact that further minimizes the need for a tight squeeze. Yet they tweeze even thin, short hairs with ease. They’re also easily sterilized and dishwasher safe.

We’re not the only ones to say these tweezers are great; they’ve won the IDEA silver award. Give them a try - we’re sure you’ll notice the increased stability immediately and be impressed with how comfortable they are to use. We await your order with tweezers poised!

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