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Chronic Dry Eyes

Chronic Dry Eyes

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This soothing, effective hydrating therapy for dry eyes naturally helps stimulate tear production and helps minimize tear evaporation. Uniquely designed, they are easy to use. Just dampen the pads with either warm or cold water, place over the eyes and relax. They are great for travel, and they can also be used as a sleep mask.

An all-natural eye hydrating therapy, Chronic Dry Eyes helps to relieve everyday dry and tired eyes. The soft, flexible, opaque goggles are designed to form a moist humid environment around the eye that helps to hydrate eyes, promote tears and slow down tear evaporation. Great for travel as well as nightly use, you can use Chronic Dry Eyes during rest, sleep or air travel.

There are two pieces of foam on each eyecup: The "eye cushions", which are stuck to the goggle with an adhesive and help the goggles conform gently to your face, and the "moisture pads". The moisture pads are designed to be removed from the eye cover and placed in warm or cold water. The warm water treatment aids with moisture loss through contact lens use, hormonal changes, allergies, normal aging or other low humidity environments, as well as certain medical conditions. Cold or ice water will help to relieve puffiness, headache, swelling and/or sinus pressure. After the moisture pads have soaked in water for 30 seconds, they are gently rung out, and then placed back in the eye covers prior to wear. The masks can also double as a sleep mask to create a completely dark sleep or rest environment.

Its uniquely designed comfort wrap holds the eye covers in place and the stretch fabric ensures no pinching, even with extended wear. The comfort wrap is easily adjusted with two specially designed sliders, to ensure a custom fit and complete seal of the tranquileyes to the eye area.

Purchase yours today and enjoy not having to use drops or drugs to treat your dry eyes.

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