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Adjustable Arthritis Gloves

Adjustable Arthritis Gloves

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  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Thermal technology holds in heat
  • Grippers are inherent in the fabric

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Help for arthritis-related hand pain & stiffness

Arthritis can be particularly unkind to hands and fingers, causing stiffness and pain in the morning and throughout the day, even limiting activities and independence. With an exclusive combination of clinically proven heat therapy and gentle, adjustable compression, these Thermoskin® gloves can help relieve painful problems like arthritis, injury or joint pain.

The heat/compression combination can increase circulation to enhance healing and promote muscle elasticity. And, these gloves feel wonderful on your hands—comfortable, supportive, reassuring!

The textured, non-slip material wicks away moisture and offers added support and grip. The open fingertips allow for everyday activities, providing greater flexibility and a better sense of touch. The adjustable wrist closure allows for easy on/off and provides a better fit. Pain is relieved for a variety of activities, from picking up objects or holding a phone to gardening and turning pages—so many times and places where help and support are needed. Six sizes: XS – S – M – L – XL - XXL.

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