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Moist Heating Pad

Moist Heating Pad Moist Heating Pad

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  • Moist heat without water or soaking
  • Utilizes humidity & moisture from the air
  • Weighted for added comfort & to keep pad in place

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Moist heat—no water needed

The benefits of moist heat are well recognized, starting with the relaxing of muscle spasms and the restoration of muscle flexibility—but achieving moist heat can be a messy, wet and unpleasant proposition. That’s why this moist, medical-grade digital heating pad is such a breakthrough: It draws in moisture and humidity from the air and retains it, transferring it to your skin through a process called fomentation. So toss away the wet wash cloth that separates you from your heating pad and often dampens or soaks your clothes, bed and skin. Now you can keep everything dry and still have all the benefits of soothing moist heat.

This king-sized pad is weighted, too (5 lbs), with evenly distributed clay beads that help keep the heat pad in place where you use it: your shoulder, arm, lap, legs, back—wherever you need pain relief and relaxation. A soft flannel covering adds to surface comfort, and, for spa-like relaxation, you can add your own essential oils to the clay beads within the pad.

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