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Deluxe Thermo Masseuse

Deluxe Thermo Masseuse

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  • 3 massage settings
  • 3 heat settings
  • User-controlled air compression

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Massage, Compression and Heat provide the ultimate therapy!

To someone suffering from leg, knee or foot pain, there are no sweeter words than “massage, heat and gentle compression.” Those can be the key to helping relieve pain and aiding in all-over leg pain relief. The Deluxe Thermo Masseuse offers all those natural pain relief therapies and more. Just settle back and enjoy them as you sit in your easy chair or rest on your bed.

Three vibrational massages are built in: Shiatsu, kneading and tapping—so comfortable they can feel as relaxing as a hands-on massag! In addition, there’s a choice of three heat settings to target sore areas, going deep into muscle tissue to help reduce pain, and revitalize. Then there’s ActivAir compression, a built-in air pump to help enhance foot, ankle, calf and thigh circulation, as well as aid in speeding up recovery. Hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to control and customize the amount of compression you want.

There’s more—including pockets for cold therapy! Just insert ice packs to help relieve swelling and inflammation. There’s also TheraLite therapy to help with such issues as psoriasis and skin inflammation, as well as help improve circulation. It all adds up to across-the-board therapy for leg and foot pain and help in providing long-sought relief. The Deluxe Thermo Masseuse was designed by physicians to provide a more effective and affordable medical therapy for home use.

The therapies work together in an effort to reduce pain and promote better blood circulation. With so many opportunities for relief of pain and for improved function, this is a great gift for any sedentary person with limited activity.

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