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Toe Alignment Socks

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  • They increase space between your toes for comfort & pain relief
  • Help realign foot properly
  • Help with foot cramps, bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis

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Stretch your toes and give them a realignment

Unusual things happen to our feet as we age, including a tendency for toes to cram too close together, become crooked or even double over atop each other, all on their own. These Toe Socks provide a traction-like stretch that not only separates and relaxes toes, but promotes healthy blood circulation and realigns for proper foot health. They can help relieve the pain of bunions, arthritis, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and help prevent those awful foot cramps. Note the open-toed design, with the ball and sole of the foot exposed for comfort, as well as for accommodating neuropathy and other painful foot conditions.

The socks fit comfortably inside slippers, and you can wear them at night while sleeping. Machine wash and air dry. Available in small (shoe size 5 to 10) or large (shoe size 10 to 13).

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