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Pain Relief Slippers

Pain Relief Slippers

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  • LED lights for pain relief
  • Relaxes muscles, improves circulation
  • Safe, non-invasive, fast-acting, easy to use

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Treat your painful foot problems with light therapy technology

Foot problems seem to get worse with the years, don’t they? These pain-relieving slippers employ an FDA-cleared, all-natural technology that works to help relieve the aches and stiffness of foot pain, including that associated with arthritis, diabetes, nerve injury and other often age-related ailments.

Deep Penetration Light technology (dpl) combines the penetrating benefits of LED lights in the infrared and red light spectrums, which work together to offer temporary pain relief, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation. Light therapy penetrates deep into soft tissue for quick and efficient soothing and relaxation of aching muscles and joints.

The slippers contain elastic for a comfortable fit. Just slip your feet in and experience the healing warmth. Available in sizes regular (fits women’s sizes up to 10) and large (fits men’s sizes up to 12).

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