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Circulation Pro

Circulation Pro Circulation Pro

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Improve circulation -- as you sit!

Many of us now find it difficult to get up and move around as we once did. Thus, we don’t get the exercise we need and our circulation is compromised, often causing aches and pains! Now, while you’re sitting down, you can relieve discomfort and alleviate tired achy legs and feet. Circulation Pro is intended to be used as a multi-function massager to help relieve leg cramps, increase blood circulation and relax stiffness in muscles. It uses infrared technology to warm the muscles, penetrating to improve feet and leg circulation.

The very effective Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) may help improve poor circulation. With a 25-minute daily session, Circulation Pro can help you get back on your feet. The four TENS electrode pads (included) can help relax other parts of your body, such as neck, arm, shoulder, back, waist, leg, etc.

How does Circulation Pro work? Your leg muscles must continually pump blood up through your feet and legs back to your heart, but when you sit for long periods—then blood flow in the lower extremities may reduce. Circulation Pro safely contracts and works your leg muscles for you, boosting blood flow. You control the stimulation intensity as 25 different random wave patterns work to increase circulation. The wireless remote control lets you adjust intensity without bending down. To use, simply sit down, place your bare feet on the footpads, and press the remote control. Then sit back while Circulation Pro does the work for you. Use it while reading or watching TV. Unit is compact & discreet. It tucks away under most sofas. Easy and safe to use—FDA cleared. Remote requires two “AAA” batteries (not included).

Large disclaimer: DO NOT USE if you have deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a cardiac pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator or other implanted electronic device, or if pregnant.

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