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Walker Assistant

Walker Assistant

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  • Designed to improve ankle joint function
  • Replicates the motion of an actual walking activity
  • Ankle flexes and extends

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Get the healthy benefits of walking, even when walking isn’t practical

“Use it or lose it” has special relevance for those unable to engage in regular walking activities, whether from a sedentary lifestyle, surgery recovery or general mobility issues. This ankle joint exerciser reinforces the motion of an actual walking experience because, unlike so many other ankle and foot exercisers, it allows your ankle to flex and extend.

This is a new product to the U.S. market, unique in the range-of-motion opportunity it offers. By focusing on calf, foot and ankle function, it not only helps build ankle and foot strength but helps aid circulation and reduce swelling.

It helps strengthen the flexion motions essential to walking

Plantar flexion motion stretches your foot downward, as when you stand on your toes or press down on a gas pedal. Dorsiflexion, the opposite motion, points your toes upward toward the calf. Walking requires both movements, and when the ability to perform them weakens, so does one’s mobility.

The Walking Assistant is lightweight and portable, unlike the large equipment hospitals use following surgical procedures or during extended bed rest. Those devices are of course too big and too expensive for discharged patients to take home. The Walking Assistant was designed to address the need for at-home circulation therapy that could strengthen flexion and reinforce walking motions during periods of limited activity, including after surgery.

So far as firstSTREET has been able to find, there is no other product on the U.S. market that offers the range-of-motion opportunities the Walking Assistant provides. Use it during bed rest or while in a seated position—you control the motion speed. This is exercise and circulation therapy that can lead to stronger ambulation and a healthier lifestyle.

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